Another unproductive sembreak

Like all the previous sembreaks I had, I did nothing but veg out on the bed, just watching movies and shows on my laptop, eat, take a bath…not in that order, and sometimes, when my mom drags me to the market in San Pablo or in SM because we need to pay bills or we’re out of snacks to eat. Or when my dad pesters me to get up early and take in vitamin D for a few minutes.

Of course, I actually went out during Christmas, dressed in a blue (as in blueee) blouse with sleeves, black pants and ankle boots. Before our family actually got out of the house, our neighbors and relatives living near us dropped in and got money from us…what I’m trying to say here is namasko sila…gosh, for one word, it is hard to translate. By 9 am, we went to the town church and gave thanks to the Lord for giving us His Son. After that, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house, where our family ( or at least on my mother’s side) gathers every year. And finally, after about 4 months, I got to see my favorite nephew! Say hi to Gabe!


He’s so cute when he’s not throwing basketballs in your face 🙂 I don’t know why, but even if he hasn’t seen me for months, he still remembers me. As in, when he saw me, his face lit up. Well, he does smile and show off his dancing and badass basketball skills to strangers (to him) who come by our aunt and uncle’s (I call them Mommy and Papa)house. But, it’s like he still knows me. And I feel content and happy about that, because I knows kids his age don’t remember people when they don’t see them for months.

After that, the day just got better. My uncle, whom I call Papa George (we pronounce it as “Hure”, for some unknown reason…maybe I should ask my mom), and his family actually arrive. I kinda gave up on the hopes of them showing up at our family reunions, since they didn’t go when Papa had his birthday at Chicken Savory in SM, or when it was my mom’s birthday, or pretty much all the times we called them and asked them to eat with us. Okay, I know, I know, I’m holding a bit of a grudge. But, it’s just…we only meet up few times a year, is that too much to ask?….ooookay, moving on.

It was such a shame we arrived after lunch, because I missed the chocolate ice cream. The only flavor left was ube, and I don’t like that flavor because it tastes artificial (Yuck!). You know what’s one of my favorite things when I go to Mommy and Papa’s house? The amount of pamasko I have. They live in a [sort of , I’m not really sure] exclusive subdivision, and the minimum amount of money they give there is 50 pesos. Though I don’t go out with the kids anymore to get  pamasko, I still got some from the neighbors that dropped by. And this year, I got about a thousand pesos, without actually going out. Score!

After Christmas, my sembreak was pretty much uneventful. Yes, even New Year. The only highlight of that mornight (haha) was the fountains and the food (carbonara, church gelatin, tikoy). The next interesting part of my sembreak was the enrolment day, or as we like to call it, the “Hunger Games”. It was the smoothest run of SystemOne I’ve ever experienced! Though I only got 12 units 😦 I hope I get more slots next semester, and that it will still be a smooth run. *crosses fingers*

Another unproductive sembreak

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