Blog #1: Memememe…again :D

Hiya! I’m Minette Dimasapit, nickname…nothing shorter than my name…though if I can pick one, I think it’d be Eni. I turned 18 last August 11. Fun fact: My brother’s 15 years older than I am, and my mom gave birth to me when she was 40. I’m from Alaminos, Laguna, though I linger (lurk, or whatever you wanna call it) at San Pablo more, since we originally lived there.

I’m the one with striped purple shirt. The other one’s my high school friend. And yes, I’m already a third-year college student even though I don’t look like one. People usually mistook me for a freshman haha

Darn, at least five?…okay, I’ll try. My realistic (maybe?) dreams right now would be to graduate on time, have a job right after and earn a few bucks, buy a PSP (’cause I don’t have one) and the Supernatural Funko Pop toys, and to have a 1967 Chevrolet Impala for a car. The Impala one may not be that realistic, though, seeing as they’re only in the US and there are only a few that hadn’t been bought by a fan of Supernatural.

As for the wildest ones, I’d say they would probably be:

to guest star in either Supernatural or Teen Wolf. A pipe dream, ’cause, one, I’m not an actor, and two, the shows will likely be finished by the time I get to go to the California or Vancouver.

meet Jensen Ackles (I literally dreamt myself meeting him in a coffee shop in Austin, TX), Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Tyler Hoechlin, and/or Dylan O’Brien (meeting any one of them would be totally fine). Like the first one, this is also a bit of a pipe dream because if the shows are finished, there would no more VanCons or Wolfsbanes or Jus in Bellos. And US is preeetty big country, and even if I know Jensen and Jared live in Austin, that’s still a big city and the chances of me meeting them is a million to one.

write a book that will one day be in New York Times Bestseller list. I can’t even finish a fanfiction, how would be able to write a decent book, much less a bestseller?

live in the Supernatural universe (I’ll surely be that victim killed by some supernatural creature in the first few minutes of an episode).  Yeah, that is just not possible as Supernatural is just a show created by Eric Kripke. Unlike Becky, I don’t hope it’s fictional…okay, maybe I do hope it is real…just a bit.

and time travel. Like the Doctor (the eleventh,’cause he’s funny). It would be fun to travel back in time and see history as it is being made, like the Victorian era…the dresses are cool…maybe I can meet Ciel, too. Hmmm…

Blog #1: Memememe…again :D

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