Blog Entry #3: Ubuntu & Basic File Manipulation Commands

Today, we learned about the OS that we’re using in our laboratory class, Ubuntu. I learned that it’s free, unlike Windows which is licensed, and that it’s virus-free (most likely) since most viruses are created for Windows. Our teacher said a lot a good things about the OS, but I think I still prefer Windows, because there are a lot of shortcut keys for Windows and there are very few –that I know– in Ubuntu, and because the interface of Windows looks cool and smooth. But if I would have like, a back-up OS, it would definitely be Ubuntu.

And then, we were taught about basic file manipulation commands. It’s kinda cool, in a weird retro way. And it’s useful, especially in case your mouse doesn’t work…which happened to me before and I wish I had back then the knowledge I have now, because it was about two days before we were able to buy another one, and it was a very long two days. Anyways, about the commands, they’re…a bit tricky to learn, because some commands are similar, like that of the cat >[filename.txt] and cat >>[filename.txt], except that the first one completely rewrites the contents of the file. One extra character and you’re already typing a different command. After our professor taught us some commands, she gave us an exercise so she’ll know how much we actually learned. I finished a bit faster than the others, but I didn’t submit the paper immediately because I don’t like passing first…I’m still not sure why haha. After that, I started on the blog post for that day, but stopped halfway because my mind was kind of blank. Since I still have more than an hour before the lab class was supposed to end, I watched the latest episode of Teen Wolf. I kept switching to the tab with the blog post because I feel a bit guilty for watching during class, even though our previous lab instructor said that we’re free to use the computer however we want (as long as we’re finished with the assigned work, of course) since we paid 500 pesos for the lab fee.

Blog Entry #3: Ubuntu & Basic File Manipulation Commands

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