Blog Entry #4: Number Systems

This meeting, by far, is the most intense one yet.

We opened the pdf file our professor uploaded into the Google Classroom website, and when I saw what was in it, I kind of got nervous, because this lesson was kind of hard for me when we took it during high school, most especially the conversion from decimal to a certain base and vice versa. Though it seems I had nothing to worry about, because it’s easier to learn this time around.  She taught us, I guess you could say, life hacks on converting from one base to another. I don’t know how our high school teacher taught us this lesson, but it was way harder. She then gave us a few examples to work on.

After the brief lecture is when things got intense. I thought that our exercise for this meeting was going to be like what we do in math. I was wrong. She made it interactive in the form of a friendly competition. She divided the class into three groups and basically pitted us against each other. And that wasn’t just it. Another twist is that instead of, like random words, she made us decode song titles (most likely from Billboard’s Hot 100) using the octal and hexadecimal which we then have to convert to decimal to find out what letter the number represents. If I didn’t easily trust people, I would’ve thought that the first group cheated and used the number function in their scientific calculators. They actually figured out that they just needed to decode only some of the numbers because most of them are the same, you get what I mean?

Anyways, it was kinda fun, because it’s a bit of an unorthodox exercise. 😀

Blog Entry #4: Number Systems

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