Blog #5: Binary Arithmetic

I thought we were moving from the Number Systems part, but it turns out that was just half of it. Today we discussed on how to add/subtract binary numbers.

Our lab instructor gave us a lot of examples on addition and subtraction that I went cross-eyed ’cause all I see are 0’s and 1’s.


Nah, that’s just an exaggeration. But seriously. Computer logic is weird. I mean, 1+1+1 equals 11, what? It’s a good thing I didn’t answer that in the quiz in our Math lecture the day after, my professor might have pulled me in for mandatory consultation or something. O_O

Again, computer logic is weird. The only way that the computer can understand what we’re making them do is only through binary. Yes, like the picture. I just had a thought. How many zeroes and ones does this post represent? What if there’s no English, but instead the universal language is binary? Man, that’s a scary thought.

Anyway, there’s no lab next week. Awwww….ugh, who I am kidding? That’s awesome! I get a half-day rest after our grueling (probably, most likely) exam in Aikido. Not that I don’t like the lab (it’s computer, who doesn’t like computer?), but just the thought of the upcoming exam makes me wanna sleep already.

Blog #5: Binary Arithmetic

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