After a lot of exercises, we’re finally here! Our professor decided between Python and C, and she chose Python for the programming language she will teach us.


It’s a bit of a shame though, because I’m studying Java in Codecademy. I still haven’t finished tho, because I’ve gone cross-eyed from all the variables and tags I had to type, and when there’s a syntax error(usually I miss typing a semi-colon at the end), I had to go back and search for the line where I went wrong…I kinda regret taking it up as a hobby now.



On the other hand, Python’s easier to understand than Java, so I’m a bit thankful for that, because my grade’s kinda on the line here haha.

Compared to Java (at least in my opinion), Python has less words. It requires less spaces and….no semi-colon required at the end of the line, heck yeah!!!


Anyways, back to the topic…what were we talking about again?…what we did in the computer lab, right on.

After teaching us the basics of Python, she deemed us ready for the exercise. She asked us to create a simple program that will compute the GWA (General Weighted Average) for the grades we input.


It was a bit longer than what we did before, but I did just fine.






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