Blog #10: Website Creation & Design

Man, I love these latest two lessons. Programming, HTML, CSS: all them are pretty much coding (is it? Or is that the wrong term? Sorry, not that much of a computer geek…yet 😉).

We were taught the basics of HTML and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets, a term which I re-knew, you’ll see why), a brief history on them, and also some useful codes like the <div> thingie…why isn’t WordPress correcting re-knew? Is that a word? Ohmygod, I did not know that was an actual word! Maybe they should thingie as a word, too, while they’re at it….sorry, my mind drifted there for a bit, it’s not unusual for me haha. Anyways, I already knew most of what she taught because I already self-studied it at Codecademy (seriously, that site is a gift from the coding gods for noobs like me…btw, codecademy did not pay me for this, pretty sure they don’t even know I’m one of their students lol, I just love that website).

Juvia Heart Eyes
…why did I use Juvia? She’s the character that I like the least in Fairy Tail, aru!..I meant the guild, not the anime/manga haha.


However, it seems that our instructor chose this as our group project/exercise, and I was like,


and then,


because that means a lot of time needed to make a website with that many requirements, and I mean a lot of time. It took me a long time to finish one  very simple site with, like, three pages…though that’s kinda my fault, because I’m easily distracted, it’s almost like I have ADD/ADHD, but not really (I think? I dunno, I’m not the expert on this, don’t ask me! >.<).

It took our group the whole duration for the project to finish it, but if you subtract the quite unproductive days, you will probably only come up with about 4 days tops. It’s because we kinda crammed…? I mean, not really, more like we just had a hard time coming up with a concept, we already had the background, the layout, it’s just the content that we’re really missing. It’s kind of like writing a story, really. I give myself a deadline when writing one, because my mind usually comes up with the greatest ideas when it’s about to run out of time…usually. I never was able to finish a story, though.



P.S. You will probably be seeing more Stiles reaction gif with a dash of Dean Winchester, because they’re my boos. ❤ o ❤

Blog #10: Website Creation & Design

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