Blog #12(and the last one…I think?): GoAnimate, aka making awesome animated videos like a boss 8-)

Our instructor is officially awesome for introducing us to this website where you can make animated videos the easy way, no After Effects or other programs needed to install in your PC. It’s called GoAnimate, and it’s very user-friendly, with all the tutorials and tips to help you walk through in making your very first animated video presentation. Lookie what made! 😀


Please ignore the abuse of the multiple tabs function of Chrome, it’s usually worse, as in the logo of the websites are the only ones seen because there are way too many tabs opened (once I had about 50)…hahaha…ha..ha…


If I had more time, it would probably be better than this (emphasis on probably), but this’ll do nicely. 🙂 It was kind of hard to think up on the spot of a fictional organization that I want, yanno? It’s so hard! >.< I have a lot of interests…not really, but it’s hard to choose which one I shall make an organization out of. Though it’s kinda fun to make it, especially the whiteboard option, because I like watching the animations.


P.S. Sorry po na-late ng submission, haha, nasa drafts po pala, nalimutan ko po i-publish *slowly walks away then runs into the hallway and hides in the bathroom*


Blog #12(and the last one…I think?): GoAnimate, aka making awesome animated videos like a boss 8-)

Blog # 11: The Imitation Game

OMG, I cannot believe it! Our lab instructor made us watch the film, “The Imitation Game”!


I have watched that movie in HBO, like, three times…technically two, since the first one was that I stumbled in the middle of it while surfing channels then I saw BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH (yes, his name needs to be caps-locked), who pulled me right in, because I know he usually plays mysterious (if not genius) characters. I’m feeling kinda lazy about writing my reaction over and over again, so I’m just gonna link you to my reaction paper XD. It’s better this way, because that paper took me hours to write because my thoughts are sooooo jumbled, like you have no idea.

Blog # 11: The Imitation Game

Blog #10: Website Creation & Design

Man, I love these latest two lessons. Programming, HTML, CSS: all them are pretty much coding (is it? Or is that the wrong term? Sorry, not that much of a computer geek…yet 😉).

We were taught the basics of HTML and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets, a term which I re-knew, you’ll see why), a brief history on them, and also some useful codes like the <div> thingie…why isn’t WordPress correcting re-knew? Is that a word? Ohmygod, I did not know that was an actual word! Maybe they should thingie as a word, too, while they’re at it….sorry, my mind drifted there for a bit, it’s not unusual for me haha. Anyways, I already knew most of what she taught because I already self-studied it at Codecademy (seriously, that site is a gift from the coding gods for noobs like me…btw, codecademy did not pay me for this, pretty sure they don’t even know I’m one of their students lol, I just love that website).

Juvia Heart Eyes
…why did I use Juvia? She’s the character that I like the least in Fairy Tail, aru!..I meant the guild, not the anime/manga haha.


However, it seems that our instructor chose this as our group project/exercise, and I was like,


and then,


because that means a lot of time needed to make a website with that many requirements, and I mean a lot of time. It took me a long time to finish one  very simple site with, like, three pages…though that’s kinda my fault, because I’m easily distracted, it’s almost like I have ADD/ADHD, but not really (I think? I dunno, I’m not the expert on this, don’t ask me! >.<).

It took our group the whole duration for the project to finish it, but if you subtract the quite unproductive days, you will probably only come up with about 4 days tops. It’s because we kinda crammed…? I mean, not really, more like we just had a hard time coming up with a concept, we already had the background, the layout, it’s just the content that we’re really missing. It’s kind of like writing a story, really. I give myself a deadline when writing one, because my mind usually comes up with the greatest ideas when it’s about to run out of time…usually. I never was able to finish a story, though.



P.S. You will probably be seeing more Stiles reaction gif with a dash of Dean Winchester, because they’re my boos. ❤ o ❤

Blog #10: Website Creation & Design


After a lot of exercises, we’re finally here! Our professor decided between Python and C, and she chose Python for the programming language she will teach us.


It’s a bit of a shame though, because I’m studying Java in Codecademy. I still haven’t finished tho, because I’ve gone cross-eyed from all the variables and tags I had to type, and when there’s a syntax error(usually I miss typing a semi-colon at the end), I had to go back and search for the line where I went wrong…I kinda regret taking it up as a hobby now.



On the other hand, Python’s easier to understand than Java, so I’m a bit thankful for that, because my grade’s kinda on the line here haha.

Compared to Java (at least in my opinion), Python has less words. It requires less spaces and….no semi-colon required at the end of the line, heck yeah!!!


Anyways, back to the topic…what were we talking about again?…what we did in the computer lab, right on.

After teaching us the basics of Python, she deemed us ready for the exercise. She asked us to create a simple program that will compute the GWA (General Weighted Average) for the grades we input.


It was a bit longer than what we did before, but I did just fine.






Blog #5: Binary Arithmetic

I thought we were moving from the Number Systems part, but it turns out that was just half of it. Today we discussed on how to add/subtract binary numbers.

Our lab instructor gave us a lot of examples on addition and subtraction that I went cross-eyed ’cause all I see are 0’s and 1’s.


Nah, that’s just an exaggeration. But seriously. Computer logic is weird. I mean, 1+1+1 equals 11, what? It’s a good thing I didn’t answer that in the quiz in our Math lecture the day after, my professor might have pulled me in for mandatory consultation or something. O_O

Again, computer logic is weird. The only way that the computer can understand what we’re making them do is only through binary. Yes, like the picture. I just had a thought. How many zeroes and ones does this post represent? What if there’s no English, but instead the universal language is binary? Man, that’s a scary thought.

Anyway, there’s no lab next week. Awwww….ugh, who I am kidding? That’s awesome! I get a half-day rest after our grueling (probably, most likely) exam in Aikido. Not that I don’t like the lab (it’s computer, who doesn’t like computer?), but just the thought of the upcoming exam makes me wanna sleep already.

Blog #5: Binary Arithmetic

Blog Entry #4: Number Systems

This meeting, by far, is the most intense one yet.

We opened the pdf file our professor uploaded into the Google Classroom website, and when I saw what was in it, I kind of got nervous, because this lesson was kind of hard for me when we took it during high school, most especially the conversion from decimal to a certain base and vice versa. Though it seems I had nothing to worry about, because it’s easier to learn this time around.  She taught us, I guess you could say, life hacks on converting from one base to another. I don’t know how our high school teacher taught us this lesson, but it was way harder. She then gave us a few examples to work on.

After the brief lecture is when things got intense. I thought that our exercise for this meeting was going to be like what we do in math. I was wrong. She made it interactive in the form of a friendly competition. She divided the class into three groups and basically pitted us against each other. And that wasn’t just it. Another twist is that instead of, like random words, she made us decode song titles (most likely from Billboard’s Hot 100) using the octal and hexadecimal which we then have to convert to decimal to find out what letter the number represents. If I didn’t easily trust people, I would’ve thought that the first group cheated and used the number function in their scientific calculators. They actually figured out that they just needed to decode only some of the numbers because most of them are the same, you get what I mean?

Anyways, it was kinda fun, because it’s a bit of an unorthodox exercise. 😀

Blog Entry #4: Number Systems

Blog Entry #3: Ubuntu & Basic File Manipulation Commands

Today, we learned about the OS that we’re using in our laboratory class, Ubuntu. I learned that it’s free, unlike Windows which is licensed, and that it’s virus-free (most likely) since most viruses are created for Windows. Our teacher said a lot a good things about the OS, but I think I still prefer Windows, because there are a lot of shortcut keys for Windows and there are very few –that I know– in Ubuntu, and because the interface of Windows looks cool and smooth. But if I would have like, a back-up OS, it would definitely be Ubuntu.

And then, we were taught about basic file manipulation commands. It’s kinda cool, in a weird retro way. And it’s useful, especially in case your mouse doesn’t work…which happened to me before and I wish I had back then the knowledge I have now, because it was about two days before we were able to buy another one, and it was a very long two days. Anyways, about the commands, they’re…a bit tricky to learn, because some commands are similar, like that of the cat >[filename.txt] and cat >>[filename.txt], except that the first one completely rewrites the contents of the file. One extra character and you’re already typing a different command. After our professor taught us some commands, she gave us an exercise so she’ll know how much we actually learned. I finished a bit faster than the others, but I didn’t submit the paper immediately because I don’t like passing first…I’m still not sure why haha. After that, I started on the blog post for that day, but stopped halfway because my mind was kind of blank. Since I still have more than an hour before the lab class was supposed to end, I watched the latest episode of Teen Wolf. I kept switching to the tab with the blog post because I feel a bit guilty for watching during class, even though our previous lab instructor said that we’re free to use the computer however we want (as long as we’re finished with the assigned work, of course) since we paid 500 pesos for the lab fee.

Blog Entry #3: Ubuntu & Basic File Manipulation Commands